I was born and brought up on a farm just outside Haydon Bridge and enjoyed a real country upbringing. The whole family were involved on the farm and we all had our jobs to do. My main interests being the horses and dogs, my sister and I were often sent to do the shepherding on our ponies up on the fell, a great freedom. I have from then on always enjoyed being outdoors and loved the countryside that surrounds us. I still spend time walking our dog and riding my horse whenever possible.

I find that my true inspiration comes from the landscapes around us, but not only in this area. I love the south west of Scotland, the beautiful rugged coastline and the hills beyond; the effects of the light and the weather all combine to inspire me. I also love the mountains of the Alps, which we have visited on numerous ski-ing trips and have produced many paintings of them on my return.

I studied art at school but from leaving school until about 5 yrs ago I had not picked up a paintbrush, then I joined a local watercolour class and rekindled my interest, which led to trying different media and learning new skills. I love the differing techniques, colours and processes of painting and the fact that you never quite know how a painting is going to turn out, which is exciting and also rather scary!

My ambition is to keep painting and for my style to evolve, but most of all to keep on enjoying it.